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Company Profile

Farm Lands Biotech (FLB) is established in 2005 and has been the pharmaceuticals and medical devices agency of multinational medical companies for many years.

In 2016, FLB launched a sleep-assisted device named 「EnerKey Kingdom」, cooperates with a team of professional electrical engineers, aim to provide a safe, non-drug and non-invasive solution for those suffering from sleep disorders.

In addition to the certificate of USA Federal communication and Communauté Européenne, it is under an Institutional Review Board approved clinical trial at a medical center in Taiwan to evaluate the effectiveness of「EnerKey Kingdom」to improve sleep quality among insomnia patients.

Preliminary result of the study indicates positive feedbacks. More solid clinical evidence is expected imminently.

Eenerkey Kingdom

Natural Deep Sleep Technology, Better Overall Health

Do you have trouble sleeping?


Not enough sleep, bad sleeping quality,wake up easily in the middle of the night.


Hard to fall asleep, count sheep to sleep at midnight.


Insufficient attention in the daytime caused by sleep deprivation.


Dreamful sleep and easily awake to any noise.

trouble sleeping

Slow reflexes due to insomnia.

trouble sleeping

Irregular work shift and unstable daily routine.

trouble sleeping

Long-term sleep deprivation results in bad temper.

trouble sleeping

Jet Lag caused by long distance travel.

Be careful! It will impact your health if you always have trouble falling asleep.
deep sleep

Poor physical condition due to insufficient deep sleep

Sleep quality is more important than sleep quantity.
You will still feel tired if your deep sleep durations insufficient, even if you are asleep for a long duration at night.

Short Deep sleep duration is reflective to poor sleep quality.

Usually people should have 25-30% deep sleep time in entire sleep cycle, for example, 2-2.5 hours of deep sleep is reasonable in 6-8 hours sleep time.
Eenerkey Kingdom

Our physical condition will be restored when we have sufficient deep sleep.

Disturbed sleep cycle may due to certain illness, and therefore leads to restless nights.

Sleep disorders may cause early aging.

EnerKey Kingdom helps you restore quality sleep
by initiating deep sleep cycle

EnerKey Kingdom, sleep assisted device is developed by a team of professional electrical engineers; aim to provide a safe, non-drug and non-invasive solution for those suffering from sleep disorders.
It integrates the bioenergy generated Schumann resonances, native from Earth, and the energy from the Earth's magnetic field.
Eenerkey Kingdom
Eenerkey Kingdom
By stimulating Earth Schumann wave to build a relaxed environment, sleep frequency induces prolonged deep sleep cycle to improve sleep quality.

Through the non-contact method with bioenergy frequency, which is called Sleep Restore Frequency, coupled to the sleep center of the brain, inducing and adjusting the electrical activities of the sleep center.
It prolongs the deep sleep and enhances sleeping quality.

In Sleep Restore Frequency environment, body can stay in deep and stable deep cycle.

Eenerkey Kingdom Eenerkey Kingdom

SRF (Sleep Restore Frequency) is named to describe a device utilizing complex magnetic field, mimicking Schumann wave resonated when brain is in deep sleep condition.

By delivering this frequency, sleepless brains would resonance with this frequency and therefore enter into deep sleep state of mind.

Under 12 Hz of frequency, this device can lead you into three different sleep stages, which are:

Emotion Release Mode

Deep Sleep Mode

Entering Sleep Stage Mode

Smart sleep technology is an unique frequency to restore your personalized healthier sleep cycle.

3 in 1 High Sleep Technology

Let you feel relaxed and comfortable in a calm and worry-free environment.

Relaxed emotion

Schumann Resonance triggers your brain to relax and let your mind and body enter into a calm state.

Improving immune system

Once you have good sleep everyday, your immune system will be improved.

Your physical condition will be recovered after a good night’s sleep to make you feel fresh in the morning.

Sleep cycle established

Initializing sleep cycle via the frequency of Theta and Delta wave to resonate with brain wave.

Guide you into deep sleep stage and be able to rest and build a regular sleep routine.

Eenerkey Kingdom
EnerKey Kingdom is non-invasive, non-drug device with biological chips to resonate physically with brain waves via harmonic frequency.
SRF is to help your central nervous system enter into deep sleep, prolong sleep duration to make you have good mood next day and have high sleep quality every night, re-establish natural deep sleep mechanism.

7 reasons to like EnerKey Kingdom

Eenerkey Kingdom

Keep you in a joyful mind and good sleep quality.

Release pressure and alleviate discomfort.

Avoid insomnia caused by stress.

Adjust brain waves to restore natural sleep cycle.

Prolong deep sleep duration.

Restore better physical condition after long-term use

Longer deep sleep duration leads to healthy mind and body.

4 Innovated Sleep Technologies

Eenerkey Kingdom


Easy to use without any restrictions.

Eenerkey Kingdom


No side effects from pharmaceuticals.

Eenerkey Kingdom

Healthier Sleep

By restoring a regular deep sleep cycle, better overall health is maintained

Eenerkey Kingdom


Build a natural sleep environment in 5x5 meter area with sleep frequency

Maybe you used to be troubled by insomnia before

Eenerkey Kingdom Eenerkey Kingdom

EnerKey Kingdom makes you sleep better every night now.

Keep using EnerKey Kingdom every night, you will feel sleep quality improved.

Less tossing and turning nights, more stabler emotion, deeper, longer sleep and wake up feel better.

Long-term depression would make you unhealthy physically and psychologically.

Now with the help of EnerKey Kingdom Sleep Restore Frequency, you can improve your sleep quality, have a relaxed mind and body and a healthy life style.

How to use?

Eenerkey Kingdom

Place EnerKey Kingdom either underneath your pillow or on your nightstand leveled to your head and body.

It is recommended to keep other nearby electronic devices, such as stereo, router, cell phone, laptop, etc. switched off or to flight mode to avoid interference.

Eenerkey Kingdom

Plug your EnerKey Kingdom to your wall outlet and have the front side with EnerKey Kingdom logo and power indicator facing towards your head and place it behind the pillow.

In the first 2~4 weeks, keep your EnerKey Kingdom close to your head, because the closer it is to your head, the more effective it will be.

Eenerkey Kingdom

Turn your device on and it will start to guide you into a normal sleep cycle.

The coverage area is 5 by 5 meters.

It is recommended to switch it on for 8 to 12 hours per day, one hour prior to your bedtime, and switch it off when you wake up.

International Certified, Safety Ensured

CE Certified
CE Certified
FCC Cleared
FCC Cleared

Users feedback, it does improve their sleep quality!

Users feedback

Some patients in my outpatient clinic do not want to be treated with sleeping pills when they have menopausal insomnia.
Drug addiction is their major concern.
I have tried EnerKey Kingdom myself for 3 weeks and I have slept deeper and could wake up in the morning without waking up in the middle of the night.

Users feedback證

Most of my patients have physical issue due to lack of sleep.
I consider sleep is important for everyone so I had tried EnerKey Kingdom for 4 weeks.
I could obliviously feel that my sleep was so deep that I woke up fully energized.

Users feedback

Due to work pressure I suffered from insomnia for 15 years and relied on medicine to fall asleep.
In the first two weeks using EnerKey Kingdom, I did not feel much difference.
But since the third week on, I could sleep better.
Now I use EnerKey Kingdom to help me sleep everyday and am free of insomnia.
Thanks to EnerKey Kingdom.

Users feedback

Insomnia has troubled me for nearly 20 years.
Since I used the EnerKey Kingdom, it really helped me a lot.
In addition, the time to fall asleep has also been significantly shortened, and the frequency of waking up in the middle of the night has also decreased.
Now my mood is not only more stable, even my physical condition has been improved.

Users feedback

I used to sleep at 9 o'clock in the evening, and I couldn't sleep when I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.
I tossed and turned in bed or walked around at home.
Then I would nodded off during the day.
Since my grandson gave me this EnerKey Kingdom, I fell asleep at 9 o'clock in the evening until 5 o'clock in the morning, even after waking up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I can fall asleep right back. I also stop nodding off during the day.
It is really great, I’m glad my grandson gave me this machine.

Users feedback

Sometimes when I had a stressful day after work, I had difficulty falling asleep.
So I needed to take a sleep pill, but after using this device, I can fall asleep quickly.
And I can sleep deeper. I feel very good when I get up in the morning. I don’t feel tired in the afternoon.

Users feedback

After using EnerKey Kingdom for a week, it takes me about ten minutes to fall asleep.
Frequency of waking up in the middle of the night has been reduced.
Before I use this, I often get up two or three times at night.
Now, because I sleep better, I feel very refreshed in the morning.
Even if I work hard all day, my physical strength and mental emotions are obviously improved, and my thoughts are clearer.

Users feedback

I used to take sleeping pill before to help me sleep, but sometimes it may not even work.
A friend recommended EnerKey Kingdom to me.
After one week of continuous use, I found my sleep condition began to differ slightly.
I continued to use it for about two more months, and my sleep condition improved significantly.
My mood has been uplifted waking up and my symptoms of depression caused by lack of sleep has also been relieved.


1.The mechanism of EnerKey Kingdom is through resonate SRF with brain wave, so it is more effective when it is placed as close to your head as possible.
The further away the device is, the weaker the energy will be.

2.We recommend you place EnerKey Kingdom device underneath or behind your pillow when you are sleeping to have the best result.
If you are using it for yourself, you can put it directly behind your pillow.
You will be wrapped up by this bio-energy waves created, allowing you to feel relaxed and comfortable.

3.Factors that may disturb a healthy sleep cycle include: electronic devices (television, computer, cell phone), heavy exercise, smoking, pungent food, and drinks with caffeine (alcohol, coffee, tea and coke).
For better sleep quality, please avoid these factors three hours prior to your bedtime.

Product declaration

Please follow instruction of use and continue to use every night.

Most users can feel its effect in 7 to 15 days.

You can fall asleep quicker and feel energized and relaxed next day.

The product is based on biophysical principles to guide and activate your sleep cycle, helping you to enhance your sleep quality.

It is not a device of immediate effect. Through adjusting your frequency, returns your body into fine state.

Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence